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Glacier View Adventures

Not a canopy tour! Two HUGE ziplines, Alaska-style! Including the new G2, the fastest zipline in Alaska with top speeds measured at over 60 miles per hour. The G2 is over 2200 feet long and starts on a cliff over 250 feet above the Matanuska River. Check out the view then step off and fly. Dual lines so you can race a friend to the end. Even our "short" zipline, the Nitro, is over 1700 feet long. Most people find it a little challenging as they step out onto the launch deck and take the "leap of faith". Escape the crowds and join us in Glacier View, two hours from Anchorage on the scenic Glenn Hwy. ATV Tours, Glacier Trekking, Ziplines, Luxury Camping and more. Glacier View, there's more to do!

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Mile 99, Glenn Hwy
Glacier View, AK 99674

Telefon: 907-351-7587

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  • Region Südlich-zentrales Alaska
  • Park: Matanuska Glacier
  • Service: Zipline